Prison programe

Prison Ministry

Luthemba Lethu Community Project started because of a need; the possibility of affecting people in need in a Correctional Facility, to make it a model institution and subsequently affect other Prisons in South Africa.

During 2006 a delegation comprising of Mr. Alred Matemane; Head of Modderbee Correctional Centre at the time, Gerhard Fortuin; Chaplain at Modderbee Correctional Centre, Pastor André Roodt and others went to Argentina to witness a program followed in their prisons. Pastor Juan Zuccarelli became a warden inside Olmos Prison to do what God called him to do. When the authorities saw the success he achieved, they offered him his own prison to run as a Christian Evangelical Institution. He called it Christ the Only Hope Prison. They have succeeded in bringing down the countries’ recidivism rate from 55% to 5%.

We came back to South Africa and established the Christ the Only Hope Section in F Block in Modderbee Prison.

  1. 2007 A fulltime pastor was appointed to run this ministry.
  2. 2010 Our first prison missionaries were sent to duplicate the model.
  3. 2012 Our first 24/7 Prayer Room was opened.
  4. 2013 Our first 12 inmates qualified as pastors, receiving diplomas inside Modderbee Prison.
  5. 2014 The second 24/7 Prayer Room opened.
  6. 2016 A Halfway House called Destiny House for ex-inmates was started.
  7. 2017 LLCP handed over the rehabilitation project to Maranatha Community Church.
  8. 2017 The Ministry was duplicated in Boksburg Correctional Center with Hope Restoration Ministries.
  9. 2018 LLCP register as a Service Provider inside Modderbee to work alongside Maranatha Community Church, doing a pre-releasing course to ensure the applicants qualify to enter the Destiny House skills training program.