Schools programme

Our aim is to influence the youth of today through the testimonies and short plays by a Year of your Life Team. Our teams go into the High Schools, showing them that there is hope and another option to crime and drugs.

We follow this up with a “Youth Walking in Victory” weekend getaway, where we address issues like hurts, hang-ups and habits to mention a few. Groups of plus minus 50 to a 100 youths at a time attend these camps. This again is followed up by visits to the various schools to assist in value changes in their lives. Over 400 learners has participated in the Walking in Victory camps since 2017

Using a tried and effective Outreach Program in the High Schools, we effectively change the spiritual climate/atmosphere, from apathy to radical transformation.

  1. Taking learners on Walking in Victory camps.
  2. Weekly follow-up programs and caring.
  3. Having a full-time Year of Your Life Team making their main focus to bring change in the lives of learners.
  4. Getting the principle and staff to buy into the 10 point plan.
  5. Developing learners as facilitators on camps, in schools and a leadership development course.
  6. Working towards appointing a full-time Youth Worker at each High School.
  7. Our aim is to establish a school model that can be duplicated to other schools.
  8. To continue having camps at affordable prices to any learner that wants to attend.

If we can effect change in our youth we will see a change in our country.

Ten Point Plan

Project Light House for Schools

Requirements for a school who would like “Lighthouse” status:

  1. Principle and executive staff to attend a Walking in Victory Course.
  2. Openly declare that their school is a crime and drug free school.
  3. To constantly send teachers and parents on the Walking in Victory Course during the year.
  4. He/she must be actively involved with prayer times in and around the school.
  5. Make available a Prayer Room at the school for students, staff and parents to come and pray in set slots.
  6. Within a year the second survey must already show a 50% increase in comparison to the first survey for “Light House” status to be awarded.
  7. A full-time spiritual worker from the churches of Kempton Park working with the Gap Year team to plan Youth Walking in Victory Camps and follow-up programs.
  8. Have a prayer book for prayer requests at the Prayer Room.
  9. Appoint a staff member or parent to take lead in organizing groups from churches to pray at the Prayer Room.
  10. Principle and staff must be willing to pray at the Prayer Room with local pastors at least once a month.